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Heidi Potter Holistic Horsemanship
Heidi Potter

Heidi Potter is a professional horsewoman who is well known and respected for her clear, kind and consistent style of teaching and training. Horses and humans alike benefit from her extensive knowledge and gentle approach. As a natural style trainer she specializes in the gentle and progressive way of working with horses. Her ability to read the horse and then progress with calmness, clarity and consistency has proven successful in building trusting and respectful partnerships between horses and their humans. More >

Just released! Heidi's new book,
Open Heart, Open Mind,
A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship

Open Heart, Open Mind, by Heidi Potter
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Heidi's recently completed book, Open Heart, Open Mind is now available! Click here for a peek at the contents and introduction.

In her new book, Open Heart, Open Mind, A Pathway to Rediscovering Horsemanship, Heidi shares the value of mindfulness, understanding and compassion towards horses. It offers readers great depth in their quest to create a lasting bond with their equine partners. It was written for the horse and the horse lover. It includes exercises, case studies and lessons in horsemanship. Heidi draws many parallels between her training in traditional Martial Arts and horsemanship. Readers will develop an understanding on how embracing eastern philosophies can positively affect not only their horsemanship but their life in general.

This "one of a kind book" is filled with life lessons, strategies for coping with stress and reminders on how one can fully embrace being in the moment. Its contents will help guide you to a truly natural form of horsemanship, one based on understanding and connection, rather than dominance. Read about the endless benefits of positive reinforcement training and how it can create a more trusting, confident, safe and enjoyable partnership with your equine friend. If you are looking for a better way you'll find it here. Enjoy!

Order your copy now with PayPal, or use this order form. $27.95 per copy, plus $3.50 shipping. 6% sales tax is applied when shipping to Vermont.

Heidi Potter Obstacle Cllinic


Get Two Clinicians for the Price of One!

Western Dressage & Practical Obstacle Training Clinic Series

Heidi Potter & Cathy Drumm are joining forces to offer you this educational and fun new format.

These clinics will offer riders of all breeds and levels a chance to improve the training, fitness and confidence of their equine partners. Walk/trot riders to pleasure trail riders to high level competitors will benefit from this duo's extensive base of knowledge and compassionate teaching style. Participants will learn about the growing sport of Western Dressage and how it supports correct development of all horses. Experienced WD riders and horses will get coaching on what is needed to advance to the next level while those new to the sport will get a great introduction. The Practical Obstacle Training is based on the Working Equitation EOH (Ease of Handling) classes. It's focus is on learning how to safely navigate practical obstacles not desensitize your horse to scary stimulus.

  • Cathy's Dressage lessons will focus on teaching the value and performance enhancement of light, correct dressage in order to support the horses overall well-being and fitness. No dressage experience is needed. All work begins where each individual horse and rider is currently. The exercises taught can all be practiced out on the trail as well as in the ring.
  • Heidi's Practical Obstacle Training will focus on improving confidence and performance in a progressive, safe, positive manner. Practice will be on practical obstacles such as; bridges, gates, a cross rail, carrying an object, weaving, figure 8's, etc.
  • Both instructors will focus on helping their riders become the most balanced, soft and supportive rider possible.

Sunday's practice will include learning how to ride Western Dressage & Obstacle patterns. No memorization needed for the Dressage patterns as "Calling a Test" will be included and practiced by anyone interested in learning. Those new to the sport will start with a Walk/Trot Intro pattern while experienced riders will get coaching on their current level of riding and training. Judge Karry Brothers will visit with participants on Sunday afternoon and provide everyone with helpful feedback. A wrap up session, including the awarding of ribbons and score sheets, will close out this wonderful event.

Join us to improve the performance of your experienced horse or to learn how Western Dressage and Obstacle Training for Confidence will enhance your horsemanship, your horse's fitness and the overall relationship you share with your equine friend.

Below is a list of our 2017 Two-Phase Events. Early Bird Discounted Rates are ending soon so don't delay!

July 8-9

Green Mountain Horse Association
South Woodstock, VT

Flyer >

Register on line at GMHA's Website >

Registration Form (Print and Mail) >

August 26-27

Full Circle Farm
Newport, NH

Registration Form >

Flyer / More Info >

Ride with Heidi in Wyoming!

Heidi Potter Trail Clinic

Centered Riding-Holistic Horsemanship Clinic

July 30 - August 6, 2017
Bitterroot Ranch, Dubois, Wyoming

Join me for a memorable, all-inclusive week-long retreat at the beautiful Wyoming Bitterroot Ranch. Be paired up with an equine partner & enjoy learning holistic horsemanship techniques designed to improve communication & understanding, Centered Riding lessons to improve overall balance, confidence & comfort, & pleasure trail rides in the amazing Wyoming countryside. Enjoy, wholesome, healthy meals, time in the baby pasture and Yoga sessions.

For more info or to register contact Hadley Fox: hadley@equitours.com; 800-545-0019

About Bitterroot Ranch > Photos from the 2016 clinic > Retreat Info >

Upcoming Clinics & Presentations

June 8, 2017

NECH, Guilford, VT

Horse Speak by Sharon Wilsie


Learning Horse Speak
with Sharon Wilsie

10 am - 5 pm

Learn the true language of Equus with "Horse Speak" author Sharon Wilsie. This clinic will focus on "Boundaries and Bonding" & "How to Lead a Horse with Your Feet". Join us to learn what your horse really needs from you.

Visit Sharon's website to learn more. Bring your horse or use one of ours at no charge. Limited to 6 participants. Auditing available!

Registration Form >

June 14, 2017

NECH, Guilford, VT

Cathy Drumm

Cathy Drumm Western Dressage Teaching Day

Private and Semi-Private Lessons, Auditing

Registration Form >

Cathy's 2017 Teaching Days at NECH:

  • April 18, 2017
  • May 31, 2017
  • June 14, 2017
  • September 6, 2017
  • October 25, 2017
June 23-26, 2017

Wild Side Ranch
Bloomfield, NY

Clinics at Wild Side Ranch:

Changing Unwanted Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

Centered Riding/Natural Horsemanship

Flyer >

Registration Form >

July 14, 2017
9 am - 5 pm

Whispering Woods Stables
Augusta, ME

Changing Unwanted Behaviors Using Positive Reinforcement Clinic

Registration Form >

Flyer >

July 15-16, 2017

Whispering Woods Stables
Augusta, ME

Centered Riding/Holistic Horsemanship 2 Day Clinic

Each day of this 3 day clinic includes workshops, groundwork with horses, obstacle training & Centered Riding Instruction. More >

More info >

Registration Form >

Flyer >

Hosting a clinic is easy!
Learn what's involved and how you can earn a FREE SPOT - click here
Choose from one of these events or create your own >

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Mission Statement

Improving relationships between horses and their humans using compassion, understanding, patience, and praise.

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